Welcome to the SWTPC Page

This page covers the details of my SWTPC 6800 Computer. As the name suggested this is based on a Motorola 6800 8bit CPU. While the other useful links has more information about the SWTPC the most comprehensive site is by Michael Holley and can be found at SWTPC.com

My Machine

WIP: This section will contain all the hardware specs of my 6800

My Documentation

This section has a link to my documentation page. These are all the hardcopy documents and notes I received with the system when I got it. This is a pretty comprehensive collection of documents for its time, and before the advent of the web would have be critical as these machines are not always intuitive to use.

SWTPC Documentation List

My Software

WIP: This section will contain a catalogue of all the 8inch Disks that came with the system

http://www.swtpc.com/mholley/ - SWTPC.com is the primary site for all things SWTPC Computing Related